AR :: Amazing 3D Aquarium ADD-on :: Coral Landscape-1 1.00

AR :: Amazing 3D Aquarium ADD-on  ::  Coral Landscape-1 1.00: Coral Landscape-1 :: Amazing 3D  Aquarium Ad-on  by Elefun Multimedia The EleFun Multimedia is glad to inform you about the release of its new add-on to Amazing 3D Aquarium - Coral Landscape 1. Coral landscape of this background will immerse you into amazing underwater world, where the animated inhabitants of the sea depth are slowly rocking on the coral reef. A stone, lying near the coral reef, has changed beyond recognition under the water influence. Please note! You will be able to downloa

AR :: Amazing 3D Aquarium ADD-on  ::  Coral Landscape-2 1.00: Coral Landscape-2 :: Amazing 3D Aquarium Ad-on  by Elefun Multimedia
AR :: Amazing 3D Aquarium ADD-on :: Coral Landscape-2 1.00

Amazing 3D Aquarium add-on: `Coral Landscape–2. v1.0` by EleFun Multimedia.This unique add-on for Amazing 3D Aquarium (screensaver and wallpaper) is a coral background of the aquarium, compiled of bright corals and sea stones and inhabited by various sea submarines of different forms. Now the users of Amazing 3D Aquarium have a unique chance of adding new background into existing Amazing 3D aquarium.

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Aqualines 2.1: Make a row of 3 or more identical sea creatures by altering the coral formation.
Aqualines 2.1

coral and sea creatures. The creatures move from the top of the aquarium to its bottom along the coral stems. You can change the structure of coral to change the creatures` direction. Whenever 3 or more identical creatures settle in a row, this row disappears and increases your score. Your aim is to get the best score. To create a line, you should make paths for the creatures, by switching the coral stems. The coral is made up of swiveling sections

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Coral Profit 0.9

Coral Profit - is powerful, flexible and reliable ad management system. Coral profit can be used as good in small editorial offices as good in large editorial offices. You can manage ad orders, acounting, paste-up functions with the system. Flexible financial analysis is possible too. It is possible to integrate Coral profit with accounting system (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics). The main advantage of the system - it is very easy to use it.

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Coral Island [AD] 5.07: Amazing Animated Wallpaper
Coral Island [AD] 5.07

"Coral Island" is an Animated Wallpaper of EleFun Multimedia company devoted simultaneously to marine and underwater themes. How often have you managed to watch two worlds simultaneously? To watch the underwater world full of beautiful inhabitants and incredibly bright corals? And to watch the marine world? Just have a look — this is the one world, and here is the other. This is an amazing scene. It helps to get complete relaxation and ...

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Aquarium Real Life 18 1.0: Lots of different fish and corals in an exemplary created coral reef
Aquarium Real Life 18 1.0

This is the 18th screensaver of the "Aquarium Real Life" serial. Authentic, real filmed fish, no animation. Here you can admire lots of different fish and corals in an exemplary created coral reef of a beautiful seawater aquarium. In this aquarium caverns are integrated in the general view as well as many sorts of corals. Viewers can see, that the fish, which mostly are to be found in pairs, are living in a wholesome and adequate ambience.

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Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver 1.3: Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver is a unique virtual underwater world.
Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver 1.3

Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver is a unique virtual underwater world, which takes you away from your daily routine and gives you a moment of peace and relaxation. Imagine that you are in a calm bay in the tropics and are submerging to the coral reef below. All is beautiful around you: fantastically shaped coral, rocking algae and multi-colored tropical fishes. This divine landscape is complete with sea sounds and music.

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